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Air to breathe - Trailer

Air to breathe - Trailer



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| 2019 |

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40 years of opposition at Opel in Bochum, Germany

Cinema release: 2nd, May 2019

1972, a few workers and revolutionaries at Opel in Bochum, established the GoG (Group of oppositional unionists). The GoG was active for over 40 years. With their radical way of organizing the shop floor, they inspired the militant spirit amongst the workers in Bochum.

As part of the industrial council, they passed secret information on to the staff. They were responsible for works assemblies that were going for eight hours. They fought against the persecution of sick workers. They organized their own educational vacations. And they even tried to build up direct international solidarity between different staffs of General Motors in Europe, to oppose the worsening of working conditions due to globalization.

Their radical activities climaxed finally in one of the most important unauthorized strikes of the german postwar history. For that, the staff occupied the factory for six days in October 2004 and brought the production all over Europe to a stand.

A portrait of colleagues who made their voices heard.

Music: Tomi Simatupang

Feel free to contact us, if you want to show the movie in your city: info *at*

Tags: GoG, Opel, ig metall


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