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Amazon makes us sick

Amazon makes us sick

polish/german/french with engl. subtitles


22 min

| 2017 |

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Since early 2015, workers from several Amazon warehouses in Germany, France and Poland have regularly met during "Cross-border meetings of Amazon workers". They have discussed their experiences in the conflict with the globally operating company and planned collective actions.

In April 2017, they talked about the many work-related illnesses and injuries that are caused by the work pressure exerted by their supervisors. That is a problem in all Amazon warehouses.

Therefore, they initiated a campaign in the summer under the headline Safe Package and distributed leaflets in their Amazon warehouses asking the workers to work "strictly according to the rules"... i.e., to pack "safe packages" in a way that protects their health.

This film was made as part of the campaign. Six workers from Amazon warehouses in Leipzig, Poznań, and Orléans talk about the working conditions, pressure, accidents, work-related illnesses, the unbearable shift system, and their resistance.


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