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Deliveroo living wage campaign in Brighton

Deliveroo living wage campaign in Brighton



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| 2017 |

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Since Deliveroo decided to consider its riders "self-employed" and pay them per delivery rather than per hour, it has repeatedly faced resistance in several European cities. The struggle has been particularly intense in Brighton, which saw several strikes and actions taking place in 2017 including bike demos, flash mobs and collecting signatures from restaurants that work with Deliveroo, asking for the improvement of the working conditions of the riders with the IWGB union.  Brighton riders receive 4 pounds per delivery and many of them struggle to earn above minimal wage, let alone getting a living wage.

On November 25th, over 50 Deliveroo riders took part in a wildcat strike in Brighton that was reportedly led by non-unionised migrant workers ( Within half an hour, the Deliveroo customer app was issuing a warning that no deliveries were available in the area. 

This video, made by Reelnews, includes many interviews with Deliveroo riders in Brighton, following them during their demos and actions.




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