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Blockade at Yoox

Blockade at Yoox

italian with english subs.


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| 2015 |

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In August 2015 eight unionised workers, who were subcontracted by Mr. Job and worked for the online fashion store Yoox in Bologna, were sacked. In 2014 they had filed a complaint against a foreman because of the unbearable work pace, bullying and sexual harassment. Now the workers are fighting against their dismissals. "They can't always win just because they have money and we're poor!", an outraged worker shouts in the video. Talking about a foreman who still works in the warehouse she said: "He slept with 19 years old girls and if they refused, he fired them."

On September 21st, logistics workers, in solidarity with the dismissed workers, blocked the whole of the Interporto logistics hub in Bologna. In the video we can see how workers, together with supporters, block the entrance of the Yoox warehouse.  The police evict the picket by force. "You should defend the citizens, not the employers", one of the picketers tries to explain to the police. "Shame on you!"


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