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Casanare - Exhuming The Genocide

Casanare - Exhuming The Genocide



52 min

| 2010 |

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Oil deposits were discovered in the Colombian province of Casanare in the mid-1990s. Since then, paramilitary troops and the Colombian military have killed 2,600 people to give the oil company BP access to the deposits. The population continues to resist their displacement and demands - so far in vain - justice and reparations.

"What there is no doubt about is that all these horrors and atrocities followed precise intentions that could be deduced with complete clarity from the policy of the state. Together with the interests of big capital, the superimposition of times shows the irrefutable coincidence of the arrival of the multinational oil companies in the region and the development of terror." (Javier Giraldo, from the film)


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