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Delivering the Virus

Delivering the Virus

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| 2020 |

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Interview with Deliveroo riders in France including Jérémy Wick, a rider in Bordeaux who was recently infected by the coronavirus: "We take a high risk to deliver useless stuff, 95% of that stuff is not necessary".

Riders working for Deliveroo and Uber Eats have to continue working during the Corona pandemic as they are not entitled to the financial help most French self-employed are currently receiving as their work is considered "essential for the nation". But many riders contest this decision: "There is no rational explanation why a rider is essential and serves the nation. We deliver the virus, that's clear."

In France, the riders, supported by the union CGT, went on strike on the 3th of April. In Germany, riders working for Lieferando do not receive protective clothing or desinfectant and have now to ride their own bikes instead of the e-bikes they used to receive from the company. A petition asking for more protection and more rights is circulating online. Some riders are also organising with the support of the union FAU.

team: CGT


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