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I, Daniel Blake - Trailer

I, Daniel Blake - Trailer



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| 2016 |

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A profoundly moving film about how the British state uses bureaucratic measures to deliberately deprive people of all resources, in some cases leading to their death. The title originates from the graffiti sprayed by the protagonist on the walls of the job center : "I, Daniel Blake, demand my appeal date before I starve.”

At the 70th British Academy Film Awards ceremony on February 12th, 2017, where "I, Daniel Blake" was awarded the prize of best British Film, its director Ken Loach declared that the government was "callous, brutal and disgraceful" and "must be removed". The screenwriter Paul Laverty echoed this statement: “They don’t give a toss that scurvy and rickets have returned to the country, or that 16,000 people were admitted to hospital last year with malnutrition."

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