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Murdered Coca-Cola Unionists in Colombia

Murdered Coca-Cola Unionists in Colombia

spanisch/german with engl. subs.


50 min

| 2004 |

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Each year unionists are being killed in Colombia. Transnational corporations like Coca-Cola and Nestlé play an important role.

We investigated one exemplary case: On December 5th 1996, paramilitaries entered a Coca-Cola bottling-site and killed Isidro Gil. In succession the paramilitaries forced the complete workforce to resign from the union. The film reconstructs this case in detail and embeds it in the younger history of the region Urabá, a region in the north-eastern part of Colombia.

Then the video draws back to Germany with the question of whether there is really enough international solidarity between unionists. 

team: kanalB


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