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Green Capitalism

Green Capitalism

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| 2021 |

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We asked Philipp Bihouix, author of "The age of Low Tech" if he thinks that there can be a Green Capitalism.

"We just have to think about what it means to have 2% economic growth per year. It means that we double the GDP or the energy consumption every 37 years. We would have to multiply it by 7 every 100 years and every 1000 years by 390 million. Who can believe that in the year 3000 we will have vehicles that are 390 million times more efficient? Or that the GDP will be 390 million times bigger and at the same time we will have cut our emissions by half, 1/3 or 1/4? That's of course totally utopian!"

We interviewed Philipp Bihouix for The Loud Spring, our film about climate change and how to stop it.



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