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The whole of Italy stands with Abd Elsalam

The whole of Italy stands with Abd Elsalam

italian with english subs.


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| 2016 |

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September 2016, Italy - demonstrations and strikes after the murder of the GLS-worker Abd Elsalam during a strike. 

"What happend in Piacenza has stirred up a big part of the public. A worker who dies while being on strike, because he is fighting, that has not happened for decades. That is why immediately mudslinging was started, with Piacenza's public procecution in the first row, with the aim to reduce the whole thing to an accident. However, in the whole country many workers and comrades have understood the importance of the incident and have organized strikes and demonstrations." (Clash City Workers)

The video shows a summary of the mobilizations in Italy. Giulio Regeni, mentioned in the video, was tortured and murdered in Egypt in February 2016.


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