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Rebellion of the self-empowered in Neuquén

Rebellion of the self-empowered in Neuquén

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| 2021 |

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Since March 2021, the striking hospital workers of Neuquén have been fighting for wage adjustments to inflation and regularization of the precariously employed. When it became clear that the government wouldn't meet their demands, and after their union ATE had signed a 11% wage increase, a common assembly of staff from several hospitals ("Interhospitalaria") decided to block access roads to, amongst others, the local fracking facilities. Their road blocks got massive support from the local population. Even the oil workers supported them - despite the hostile attitude of their union.

"After a 55 days of struggle they offered a 53% wage increase that would have been paid progressively until March 2022. After the grass roots assemblies rejected this offer, too, the government improved it and assured the complete payment this year. (Alix Arnold)

After that the hospital workers lifted the blockade of the oil operations, but keep up other roadblocks to fight for their other demands, like regularization of the precariously employed and wage for the strike days.


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