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Speech Duygu Kaya

Speech Duygu Kaya

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| 2023 |

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Former Gorillas worker Duygu Kaya was fired because of her participation in a wildcat strike in 2021 in Berlin. (We reported)

Together with two colleagues, she sued against her dismissal, pointing to the right to strike as a fundamental human right guaranteed by the Constitution and the European Social Charter. However, at their first trial in April 2022, the dismissals were upheld. The court followed the view that strikes that take place without a union calling for them are illegal and therefore do not protect against dismissal. The former Gorillas workers challenged this ruling and appealed.

On April 25, 2023, the appeal hearing took place, with a rally and a few dozen supporters and activists from the Campaign for a Comprehensive Right to Strike and a Last Generation activist.

The video is part of our special page about the struggle for a comprehensive right to strike.


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