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Strike in Toulouse hospital

Strike in Toulouse hospital

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| 2018 |

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Interview with striking workers of the Toulouse hospital during a demonstration on 25 January, 2018.

Some of them have been on strike since weeks because of the worsening of their working conditions, including a reduction in the number of staff, which makes it impossible for them to to treat their patients in an appropriate way: In an interview with La Depêche a workers says: "We are being asked to choose between cleaning the patient or changing dressings to wounds. It should be possible to do both. We want new hires."

In March 2018 the striking workers managed to block a new measure that would have restricted their right to take holiday.

In the beginning of march 2018, workers of another hospital in Limoges went on hunger strike for 5 days and managed to obtain the hiring of 17  full-time workers.





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