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Struggles at Farplas factory in Turkey

Struggles at Farplas factory in Turkey

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| 2022 |

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"Direne direne kazanacağız - By resisting and resisting we will win." (from the video)

On January 31, Turkish police detained around 200 workers of the car components manufacturer Farplas.
They had occupied the company's factory in protest against low wages and the company's attempt to prevent unionization.
The protests began on January 19 with a first work stoppage. The reason was insufficient wages and an equally insufficient offer of a wage increase from the company.
In the course of the protests, more and more workers joined the Birleşik Metal-İş union.
As a result, Farplas fired 150 of the workers and by now union members. The reason given: They had participated in the strike on January 19 and obstructed the company's work.
In response to this attempt to weaken the union, union members and workers, together with their dismissed colleagues, occupied the factory on January 31.
While the police detained the occupiers, other Birleşik Metal-İş members from neighboring companies gathered in front of the factory. They blocked the eviction of the detainees until the police used force to end the resistance.
The detained union members and workers were released after making a statement. Some reported experiences of violence.
The protests in front of the factory continue, now again together with the dismissed workers.

team: Translations: Emre Gözübüyük


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