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The cycle of struggles in the logistics sector in Italy

The cycle of struggles in the logistics sector in Italy

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| 2014 |

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Through militant strikes over the last four years, the mostly migrant workforce in the logistics sector in Italy have managed to substantially improve their working conditions. Treated with violent arrogance and regularly defrauded out of a part of their salary in the past, they've now won 'normal' working conditions in most workplaces.

Because of these achievements, more and more workers are organizing with the rank and file union S.I.Cobas (7.000 members – 150 new inscriptions every week). Without any paid staff, they have organized the sector in a way that enables them to fight together on a national level. Because of this they were able to win strikes  in places where initially, only a small part of the workforce participated in a strike. Moreover, their struggles were a force that were able to integrate the Italian radical left, which strongly supported them.

- Background interview with a logistics worker and two activists of the rank-and-file union S.I.Cobas.

After meeting these comrades in 2014 we went to Bologna and made a documentary about the logistics worker's movement in Italy: Ditching The Fear



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