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Crises of Capitalism

Crises of Capitalism



11 min

| 2010 |

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A film by RSA Animate - A lecture by David Harvey made into an animated film. He analyses the causes of the crisis from a marxist perspective.
He explains how the last crisis in the 1970s was said to be caused by workers' power. Capital resolved it by imposing discipline on the workers (by means of neoliberal doctrine, reducing the power of unions and relocation of production). By 1985/86 this was thoroughly accomplished. In order to stave off the decrease in demand of the resulting wage repression, the credit industry has mushroomed, which has led to the current crisis having its' roots in the increasing power of financial capital. This has brought the inherent contradictions of capital accumulation into sharp focus. A proper debate needs to be had about the kind of system and society we want to live in.

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