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SAT - Information tour in June 2011

SAT - Information tour in June 2011



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SAT was founded in 2007 as the successor organisation of the rural worker's union SOC. Since then, workers organized with SAT have engaged in direct action and many blockades to apply pressure towards attaining their demands. This was a very successful strategy and SAT gained a lot of members.

This mobilisation in Spain's poorest region was met by harsh repression, by which the government tries to immobilize SAT. Courts issued prison sentences of a total of 29 years, and fines currently amount to 328.000 Euros.

A SAT comrade will inform us about the current events in Berlin, Poznán, Hamburg and Köln, to organize solidarity for the SAT union. 

23. June 2011, 19h  - FAU Lokal Lottumstr. 11, Berlin

25. June 2011, 19h  - ROZBRAT ul. Pułaskiego 2, Poznán

27. June 2011, 19h - Centro Sociale, Sternstrasse 2,  Hamburg

28. June 2011, 19h - Naturfreundehaus, Kapellenstr. 9a, Köln Kalk 


Organized by: FAU-Berlin, Inicjatywa Pracownicza, jour fixe der gewerkschaftslinken hamburg, Blauer Montag,

Supported by: t.i.e, Arbeitskreis Internationalismus in der IG-Metall, Forum Betrieb, Gewerkschaft und soziale Bewegungen, Avanti-Berlin, Netzwerk IT, LabournetGermany und Gruppe Soziale Kämpfe  



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