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Eviction of Plaza Cataluña

Eviction of Plaza Cataluña



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| 2011 |

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Barcelona, May 27th, 2011 - "This morning, a brutal police operation took place with the aim of evicting Plaza Catalunya. This square in central Barcelona, which has been squatted by the movement for "True Democracy Now" on May 15th. Campers were attacked with truncheons and teargas and 14 were injured. "  ("Wahre Autonomie!" from indymedia)

"Faced with more and more complaints from retailers and threatened by the state, the future is uncertain for protest-camps in various towns. The protesters discuss what to do next, in neighbourhood reunions across the country. In Madrid, a meeting of several thousand decided to keep up the camp until  “district reunions will have become the movement's new structure” ... " (cited from: echte-demokratie

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