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Dead End Job

Dead End Job

French with english subs.


5 min

| 2012 |

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"Dead end job (waiting to get fired)" is, in the words of its director and main protagonist, Nina Faure, a "small proposal of how to react to a precarious contract, an unbearable boss and a wrongful assignement paid at minimum wage level".

Claiming to stick to the assignments stipulated in the contract  : an unbearable provocation for Nina's boss. In the minutes that follow, the latter, profoundly shocked, let us hear the ugly truth of what constitutes for her a work relation : "I thought you really needed to find a job" (from the video).

Daring to make this provocation and filming it : more than a small proposal, a strong act of resistance.

In 2012, this video won a price at the contest "Filme ton travail" (film your work) that takes place every year in France as part of the festival "Filmer le travail".

CP-Production has recently produced a DVD with two videos from Nina Faure and two from Julien Brygo (about Julien Brygo, see : "Profession Maid" on  The DVD is called "Four small films against big capital" and can be ordered here : Four small films against big capital - order DVD


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