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Crash Trust Tar

Crash Trust Tar



38 min

| 2009 |

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(Crash Vertrauen Teer) An essay film about the crisis in Germany.

"January - November 2009. A car trip along a route that takes its direction from newspaper reports on lay-offs and short-time work in companies. Searching for the current narrative form of the crisis and its potential subjects of change, we ask unionist, laid-off temporary workers, casual employees and people who have died long ago. Their stories become the material for a possible film-script on the crisis" (Gruppe Videotext)

"Crash Trust Tar" is a deap, multi-layered, outstandingly filmed commentary on the situation of people and the left in the crisis. It shows us in a painful way "that we have too few answers", but it does not gloss over the attempts of organizing, resistance, and sabotage. The only catch: The now and then rather complex problematization of forms of (solidary) representation makes it necessary to watch the film several times - that, however, is fun." (Henning Fischer, ak)

team: Gruppe Videotext


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