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General strike in Spain

General strike in Spain



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| 2012 |

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On March 29, 2012, millions participated in the 24-hour strike in Spain. It was the first general strike since September 2010, and it brought the country to a standstill. According to the unions 77 percent of employees participated.

The striking workers were not alone when taking to the streets. Among others, it was also students and unemployed who took part in the demonstrations. Unemployment increased to 24.4 percent this year, almost half of all young people have no job. They foughttogether against the government's austerity policies, and they expressed their anger on the streets. Those who could not take part in the strike blockaded streets and shops.

Activists see the general strike as preparation and warming up for the European action days between May 12 and May 19, 2012.

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