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Strike at Ceramica Cleopatra

Strike at Ceramica Cleopatra



10 min

| 2012 |

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Film about a successful 17-day factory occupation at Ceramica Cleopatra in Suez. The labour struggle is part of a strike wave that took place in Egypt at the beginning of 2012.

Ceramica Cleopatra exports to more than 100 countries and is one of the most successful companies in Egypt today. The factory owner Mohamed Abul Einein played a role during the attacks on people on Tahrir Square during the revolution. "The workers occupied the factory and transformed it into their own Tahrir Square, thereby continuing the revolution." (the film makers).

The workers say that the employer has good connections to the Military Council, and that he does not pay what he owes the workers. They have no health insurance, and there are no work security measures. "I was in three hospitals in Suez, and all three refused to treat me," says a worker who injured himself at work. The factory owner had assured the worker that he would pay for the medical treatment, but the hospitals did not believe he would actually pay the bills. Finally the man had to pay for the operation himself - in advance. Because of the injury his wage was reduced by 25 percent.


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