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A bientot j'espere (Be seeing you)

A bientot j'espere (Be seeing you)

french with english subs


44 min

| 1968 |

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In 1967, Chris Marker and Mario Marret went to the Rhodiacéta factory in Besançon to film the struggle of the workers who went on strike and occupied their workplace. Their struggle heralds the strike wave of May 1968, the first massive movement in France since 1936.

In "A bientot j'espère" we get to hear the point of view of the strikers themselves. They explain their everyday life, their struggle, and their demands. Beyond criticising their working conditions, they put into question the very life that is imposed on them.

However, when the directors organized a pre-screening of the documentary in the factory to hear the opinion of the workers, the film was partly criticised for not showing important aspects of their every day experience. This led to the creation of the Medvedkine group: the workers themselves should be able to film their experience, and the directors would only bring them the necessary technical knowledge to make the project possible. The Medvedkine group made several films in two factories, one in Besançon and one in Sochaux. One of these films, "Avec le Sang des Autres" ("With the blood of others"), can also be watched on

team: Chris Marker, Mario Marret


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