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| 2012 |

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In Thessaloniki the general assembly of a factory that had been shut down a year ago decided to occupy the plant and start and self-manage production.

Monday, July 9, 2012

You cannot? We can!!!

We, the employees of Viomichaniki Metallevtiki, fight for handing over the factory from capital to the workers!

We have not been paid since May 2011 and were refused further work. We have serious problems in everyday life, and we struggle to keep a very dynamic company for the production of construction material alive. The fight is about keeping up the dignity and fighting spirit of the workers against the flood wave of attacks of domestic and foreign capital!

We struggle to show in practise that workers can manage without bosses!
We struggle to prove that if they cannot, we can without them, and we will succeed!

- Factory Synidcate of blue- and white-collar workers from Viomichaniki Metallevtiki -


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