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WalMart warehouses strike 2012

WalMart warehouses strike 2012



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In September 2012, temp workers at the WalMart warehouses in Elwood, Illinois, went on a successful 21 day strike against manager retaliation, unsafe working conditions, wage theft, and sexual harassment. The workers returned to work with full back pay. Their struggle garnered many allies, as it was part of the strike wave that began to erupt in the wake of the massive and victorious Chicago Teachers Union strike of that month.

In this video, Warehouse Workers for Justice organizes and empowers employees of the temp agency Roadlink. They speak with the workers' supporters as they campaign to shame WalMart into compliance with the law, which culminated in direct action on Oct. 1 to stop goods from moving in and out of the warehouse, resulting in many arrests by Illinois State riot cops.

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