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There are no wonders

There are no wonders



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| 2011 |

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"The film describes how during the military dictatorship in Argentina 14 works councilists of Mercedes-Benz Argentina disappeared. They were kidnapped from their flats during the night and brought to torture centers. After that, no traces of them could be found.
Still, some have survived, and they are important contemporary witnesses who tell their story in the film. They describe how the company management worked hand in hand with the repressive forces.
The victims tell their stories to the sound of the violin in the "Dreizackmarsch" from 1928. The torturer and children kidnapper Ruben Lavallen who was the security head of Mercedes-Benz, and managers tell their versions at the truth tribunal in La Plata. The legal advisor at the time says that the company delivered medical equipment for the treatment of permature infants to the military hospital Campo de Mayo. That is where the pregnant prisoners had to give birth before they were tortured and murdered. Five of these babies have provably or probably ended up with Mercedes-managers. The then head of production, Juna Ronaldo Tasselkraut, answers that productivity had fallen to 30 percent due to sabotage but could be normalized after some time. Whether there is a connection to the murder of the works councilists? "There are no wonders, your honor," was the answer.
The film shows the so far unsuccessful attempts in Argentina, Germany and the USA to take the responsible persons to court. (Gaby Weber)
The film can be lent out for free.


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