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It can't go on like this – «Ca peut plus durer»

It can't go on like this – «Ca peut plus durer»

french with german subtl.


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Rapper Kash Leone (Franck Jautee) works at the PSA factory where the workers have struck against the factory closure for six weeks.

In the factory, many knew that Franck is a musician. When on July 12, 2012, the closure was announced, his colleagues asked Kash: "Could you write a song about what is going on here?" He said: "Okay, I make the music but you all have to be in the video, too." Six months later, with the support of two other workers who like HipHop and video as much, the clip "Ça ne peut plus durer" (It can't go on like this) is published online.

55 workers allowed being filmed and took part in the film shooting. For Franck, the most important thing was that those are in the spot light who are usually invisible: "It had to be shown who these people at PSA-Peugeot are, who end up on the street or in the severence scheme, who disappear in the media discussion. They have to bear all that, it is them who feel bad. It is them who don't necessarily show up on TV."

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