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Die Ausbildung

Die Ausbildung



89 min

| 2010 |

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The 20-year-old Jan Westheim (Joseph K. Bundschuh) is in the last year of his apprenticship. He wants to be hired afterwards – so he wants to do everything right. However, what is right when the restructuring puts increasing pressure on Jan and his colleagues, when lay-offs are happening daily, and when the HR-manager (Stefan Rudolf), himself under control and pressure, watches everything like a hawk? Jan is trying to re-balance through intensive consumption and high-speed car-drives. When the same-aged temporary worker Jenny (Anke Retzlaff) starts working in his company, a tender love story starts. But Jenny stays only for a short while. Jan is caught up in his fear to lose his work, his love, his status, and, therefore, he is unable to make a decision... The film got the youth jury's film award "Dialogue en perspective" at the Berlinale 2011.

team: gustav


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