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Orion Recycling Plant Workers Wildcat Strike

Orion Recycling Plant Workers Wildcat Strike



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| 2018 |

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Workers at the recycling plan Orion in London went on a wildcat strike for three weeks in March 2018. Despite working under harsh and dusty conditions the workers are not provided with gloves or masks, leaving many with hand injuries and health problems with their lungs. They have no showers, and sometimes even no access to water. The workers are shouted at and receive verbal abuse from their managers on a regular basis. Through the strike, these workers managed to win their demands for protective masks and gloves, soap, toilet paper and a shower. They are still demanding the London living wage, which is currently at £10,20 an hour.

The Orion workers are supported by the grassroots union the United Voices of the World. For more information on the conditions under which the Orion workers organised see this report.


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