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Granarolo, from January 20th to 25th - A Week of Passion

Granarolo, from January 20th to 25th - A Week of Passion

italian with english subs.


15 min

| 2014 |

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This video, made by a warehouse worker organized in S.I.Cobas, shows a week of the struggle that the logistic workers in Italy have been carrying out for four years against the big multinationals in the logistics sector such as TNT, DHL, GLS, but also against Granarolo, a company that distributes milk. The workers use the power they have by blockading the warehouses. They are self-organized and colleagues working in different warehouses actively support each other. In addition, they are supported by people from different Social Centers.

All of this made it possible for the workers to win all their fights until now. All of their demands were met, i.e. the application of the national standards for the sector, the ending if wage theft in the form of forged wage slips and a guaranteed 8 hours working day.


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