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Protest against IKEA, June 2014

Protest against IKEA, June 2014

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Since 2011, in Italy, workers in the logistics sector (who are mostly migrant workers) have been fighting for regular working conditions. Through militant actions in many multinational corporations such as IKEA, DHL and TNT, they managed to force their employers to adhere to the national standards. They won against an alliance of foremen, subcontractors, corporations, local political representatives, the police, as well as the big unions and the media.

An important part of the radical left and small rank-and-file unions stand by their side and participate in their strike actions and blockades. The resistance of the logistics workers has been an incentive for workers in other sectors where migrant workers are employed (like in the hotel industry and the recycling industry) to start their own struggle. They also have been joined by other social movements such as the movement for the right of housing.

IKEA is now trying to interrupt this successful cycle of struggles. In Piacenza, in June 2014, 26 warehouse workers have been fired, and all of them are members of the Basis Union S.I.Cobas.

Let's show our solidarity!

When? June 25th at 6pm

Where? IKEA Tempelhof, Sachsendamm 47, Berlin


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