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Workers of the Mall of Berlin

Workers of the Mall of Berlin

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| 2014 |

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For months, Rumanian construction workers have worked 10 hours a day and six days a week on the construction site of the Mall of Berlin on Leipziper Platz, only to be then cheated of their pay. They were told they would get 5 euros on hour. They had to sleep outside /  in a container as they were waiting for the money that was due to them.

On Saturday, the 6th of December, a solidarity demo took place, with around 300 demonstrators. But the workers still haven't got their wages and the struggle continues.

The construction workers and the FAU are currently protesting in front of the Mall of Berlin, the "Mall of Shame" (Leipziger Platz):
- Tuesday to Freitag, from 6pm till 10pm
- Saturday : from 4pm till 10pm

Come and show your solidarity !

team: A.B


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