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Nuit Debout - Next Steps

Nuit Debout - Next Steps

french with english subs.


8 min

| 2016 |

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"We where so surpsides by the success of march 31st that we did not think about the next steps."

Paris, April 20st - Discussion round about, how things could go on with the movement. It is clear that the movement wants to change society radically on the one hand, but also takes forward concrete demands like the abolition of El Khomri law.

Partecipants are: Filmmaker François Ruffin, autor of "Merci Patron", Serge Halimi and Renaud Lambert from Le Monde Diplomatique, Frédéric Lordon (Les Économistes Atterrés), Almamy Kanouté  from Banlieues Debout, Marie from the group Droit au Logement (Right to Housing), Gabriel from railworkers union Sud Rail at Saint-Lazare (Railstation in Paris), Birgit from CGT Paris, Juan and Antoine from the "Comission General Strike", Manon from national Students Cordination, Loïc from Intermittents-Précaires and Fabrice Lallement (Métallurgie Grenoble).


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