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Protests against new labour code in Lithuania

Protests against new labour code in Lithuania

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Lithunia, Mai-June 2016. Video about an emerging movement against a new Labour Code and recent price hikes in the country.

Since more than one month, people have been protesting in Lithuania against a new Labour Code (that was passed on the 21st of June). In particular, this new Labor Code simplifies dismissal procedures and reduces severance payments. People are also struggling more generally against the high living costs in a country with particularly low wages. Indeed, Lithuania is one of the EU countries that has the lowest minimum and average wage (with corresponding low consumption and living standards) and many people are leaving the country because of this.

Im the middle of June, activists started to occupy a square in the city of Kaunas, setting up their tents there, before moving the occupation to the capital Vilnus (for updates on the movement, follow the (life is too expensive) tag). They demand the withdrawal of several articles of the law and social security for all. The movement has received solidarity from activists from other countries (including Bosnia-Herzegovina, see video here) but is still in need of more international coverage.

In an article in Mute magazine, they describe their need of solidarity:

"We see our situation as part of a much broader one. Connecting up our struggles is obviously essential. As for concrete support, two activities could be of great help. The first is donations which would be used for food, legal, and propaganda. The second could be posting to our facebook page from where you are and stating your support of our opposition and perhaps saying something about why its connected to your own situation. 
contact at gyvenimasperbrangus [at] gmail [dot] com">gyvenimasperbrangus [at] gmail [dot] com
follow on facebook at gyvenimas per brangus"



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