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Argentina: repression against a feminist demonstration

Argentina: repression against a feminist demonstration

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Argentina: a feminist demonstration against domestic violence and for the legalisation of abortion gets heavilly repressed by the police. Demonstrators were attacked with rubber bullets and tear gas as they got near the cathedral of Rosario, a symbol of the catholic church and its anti-abortion stance. In Argentina, abortion is only legal in extremely limited cases, and most abortions take place illegaly, in very precarious health conditions. In top of that every 30 hours, in Argentina, a woman is killed because she is a woman.

The demonstration was part of the national women's meeting in Rosario, attended by 70.000 women. "As the room for manoeuvre between the neoliberal goverment and the catholic church is shrinking,  the women's movement in Argentina is getting stronger and more radical" (Caroline Kim - translation

The video, made by the german video collective leftvision, documents the demonstration and its repression, and includes an interview with one of the protesters: "As a woman, to walk down one block in Rosario is painful. When nobody shouts at you, then you meet someone who just starts touching you." (from the video) 

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