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Hot August at H&M in Italy

Hot August at H&M in Italy

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The wave of strikes by migrant logistics workers in Italy has widened to H&M. In the video from August 20, 2016, we see a blockade of the H&M plant in Casalpusterlegno, Lombardy. The striking workers are pitted against their colleagues who want to start the shift but then, in small groups, change sides and join the strikers.

The strike started on July 28 in Stradella, close to Pavia, and spread to Casalpusterlegno in August. The demands are: normal working hours, an end to the current practice of minimal notice (the evening beforehand) if one has work the next day or not, unlimited full-time contracts, and compliance with the national collective agreement on minimum standards for work in warehouses.

SI Cobas has called for a strike in all XPO warehouses in Italy (XPO is handling logistics for H&M in Italy)!

For this purpose we have been asked to conduct boycott actions against H&M from August 27.

Here the call for the H&M boycott by SI Cobas (English)


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