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We, the workers (trailer)

We, the workers (trailer)

Mandarin with english subs.


4 min

| 2017 |

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"We, the Workers" documents the living and working conditions of workers in South China and follows labour activists who support them. Its director, Wen Hai, conducted interviews in that region from 2009 to 2015 until witnessing the severe crackdown by the state on labour organisations that took place at the end of that year, with several of the activists he interviewed being arrested then.

While this crackdown did not prevent further labour actions to take place (it is estimated that more than 2,500 strikes and other worker protests took place in China in 2016), it severely has limited the extend to which information on current strikes circulates, in the country as well as abroad.

We are showing the trailer.

team: Wen Hai

Tags: repression


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