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Bekasi on the move

Bekasi on the move

indonesian with english subtitles


35 min

| 2017 |

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In 2012 and 2013, Indonesia experienced large scale strikes as workers demanded better (minimum) wages and working conditions and fought, especially, against outsourcing.

Workers from factories of global multinationals in the industrial zone of Bekasi (east of the capital Jakarta) blocked roads and organized so-called "factory raids" to force their employers to accept workers' demands.

"The employers and the government do not want to listen to us. After that, we had to insist and block the road." (Indonesian unionist, from the film)

This film made by the Indonesian labor-NGO Lips was largely filmed with smartphones. It shows the demonstrations and factory raids as well as interviews with workers and labor activists on the working and living conditions and the strategies of their struggle.

team: Lips


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