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Bolsonaro and the struggle for land reform in Brazil

Bolsonaro and the struggle for land reform in Brazil

portuguese with engl. subs.


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| 2018 |

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The Brazilian Landless Workers Movement represents around 1.5 million people, and fights for the distribution of land together with progressive unions and church sectors. It has won land for about 380,000 families in Brazil.

In this video an organiser from the Landless Workers Movement explains how the new govenment under Bolsonaro's leadership will affect their struggle for land rights.

"He wants that social movements leaders be included in this law as terrorists.. The perspective is not good to the minorities.  we are treated even worse than other minority movements. Because it's a dispute for land with powerful people..."

Brazil is one of the most unequal countries in the world, both in terms of wealth and land distribution. Industrial agricultural companies occupy 75% of farm land, receive most of the government’s farm subsidies and employ workers under slave like conditions - but it is small family farms that produce 70% of the population’s food.

Bolsonaro’s government now plans to make it easier for foreign investors to buy land and wants to charge farmers who make claims to land such as the Landless Workers Movement  as terrorists.

"Central Unions receive millions annually. According to the new government, they won't receive that anymore"


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