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Enrico Baglioni

Enrico Baglioni

italian with engl. subs.


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| 2012 |

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This interview with Enrico Baglioni documents some of the experiences of the Workers’ Committee at Magneti Marelli in the late 1970s. The Workers' Committee was able to organise unofficial strikes and internal demonstrations against divisive and sexist pay scales and against company re-structuring. They organised pickets at smaller companies against weekend overtime and supported housing occupations and the self-reduction of prices at supermarkets.

"Squatting was an issue, which widened the scope for women to take part in struggle. The housing question, the question of child care and of sexual freedom surfaced amongst dozens of proletarian women which had just arrived in Milano." (from the video)

On 18 March 1977 the Coordination of Workers’ Committees called for a demonstration in Milano which united 20,000 workers, as many as were on the official union demonstration on the same day.

If you want to read more about the history of the Committee:

Film about the mentioned Fiat factory in Melfi: 107 Seconds - Workers Of The South 


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