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GKN factory occupation needs your help

GKN factory occupation needs your help

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| 2024 |

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For over two years now, workers have been occupying the GKN autoparts factory in Florence to stop it from closing, in the longest factory occupation in Italian history.

They have received huge support in demonstrations of up to 40,000 people - and crucially, from the climate movement, which inspired the workers to come up with an alternative plan of production. Instead of autoparts, they plan to produce cargo bikes and solar panels, and use them to build a local economy based on the needs of people. Now they urgently need your help to make this "just transition" away from fossil fuels a reality. They need to raise one million euros in a popular shareholder campaign, to start production off the cargo bikes and solar panels under workers control. So please share this video call out with trade unions, with environmental organisations, with everyone who wants to see a global just transition away from fossil fuels.

Shares start from 500 euros, and already they have raised 600,000 euros - you can find details of how to take part at, and see the end of the video for more ways you can help. As the workers say, they can't create an alternative model to capitalist fossil fuel production in just one factory - but they can create an example of what is possible. Please support them in this absolutely crucial battle for a liveable, sustainable future. 

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