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Argentina, March 2002

Argentina, March 2002

Spanish/German with englisch subs.


59 min

| 2002 |

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A 60-minute documentary about how the international financial institutions IWF and the World Bank systematically ruined the country, under the banner of neoliberalism and with the help of a corrupt political class.

Compact and united resistance of the population after December 19th/20th, 2001 changed the social relations: people organised in neighbourhood gatherings, the unemployed blocked roads, factories were squatted and taken over by the workers. Military officials and politicians of the military dictatorship, who had never been punished, were attacked in the streets and condemned in public.

Poor people spoke out, who had no housing, no paved roads and no money for food, but also professors, activists, factory squatters and the people who organised in the gatherings.

team: kanalB


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