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Workers' message from Japan

Workers' message from Japan

Japanese with German subtitles


24 min

| 2011 |

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Fukushima and Doro-Chiba’s struggle - A video clip for mobilization by the Japanese Union, Doro-Chiba, that calls for joint resistance against the Japanese Government’s nuclear politics. Resistance was triggered by the Fukushima catastrophe. The struggle against nuclear power is portrayed as class struggle. Activists of the student organisation Zengakuren, a railway unionist, a worker from a nuclear power plant, a teacher from a school housing 220 evacuees, the president of Doro-Chiba, and farmers from Fukushima have their say.

A social worker from the town of Koriyama (Fukushima) says: "The Capitalists will never give up the nuclear power plants. We must struggle to fundamentally change this society. Otherwise we cannot live."

The clip is an invitation to take part in a worldwide Day of Action on November 6th: "We have two great projects for the fall of 2011. On September 11th, anti-nuclear demonstrations will take place in all of Japan, with the aim of one million participants. On November 6th we will organize the Japanese workers'-rally and ask our friends from all over the world to organize the joint mobilization of 10 million people worldwide - to make November 6th a worldwide day of action against nuclear energy and against unemployment. " (Matsumuro Shiroi, delegate of Zengakuren at a speech in Mannheim)

team: doro-chiba


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