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From a funeral parlor to a hospital

From a funeral parlor to a hospital

spanish with german subtitles


26 min

| 2012 |

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Beautiful filmic self-presentation of the Venezuelan cooperative movement Cecosesola.

"Cecosesola (Central Cooperativa de Servicios Sociales Lara) was founded in 1967 as an umbrella cooperative of several land cooperatives in the federal state Lara and some neighborhood groups in the major city of Barquisimeto. Today Cecosesola involves 85 cooperatives and associations practicing direct democracy which are engaged in six interrelated areas. In addition, 350 people work directly for the umbrella cooperative. All in all, Cecosesola has more than 2,000 members who get a weekly advance payment of the commonly produced profit." (Netzwerk Solidarische ├ľkonomie)


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