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Colombia: Slavery abolished?

Colombia: Slavery abolished?


| | 2008 |

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Cali, October 2, 2008 - The families of the striking sugarcane cutters went to Cali in oder to draw attention to their situation and to support the strike. Despite their immense efforts, the surgarcane workers earn too little in order to ensure the livelihood for their families. That' s why they laid down their tools on September 15, 2008.
The labor struggle ended in December 2008 except for one plantation. The workers won higher wages but no direct labor contracts. - The "cooperatives" mentioned in the film-clip are workers' cooperatives, an organizational form that was imposed on the workers in 2005. Therby, they lost their direct labor contracts with the owners of the plantations and the rights and guarantees linked to them, like social insurance, health insurance, the right to organize in a union etc.


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