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Vio.Me Self-organisation in Greece

Vio.Me Self-organisation in Greece

Greek with engl. subs.


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| 2013 |

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Since February 2013, the workers of Vio.Me have restarted production under worker's control.

But what does it mean concretely? What changes to production does it imply? How do they distribute their products? How do they share the profits?

This very informative video from Bandon Jourdan helps us get an understanding of how Vio.Me worker's cooperative functions and the problems they face since, as one of the workers say: "we have to find a way to coexist in the current system whether we want it or not".

If the workers of Vio.Me are faced with problems in terms of distribution and legal status, they managed nonetheless to develop alternative ways to produce (for example turning a chemical production into an organic one) and to share wages in an equal way (including ditributing the profits to the community) "until we overthrow this system and create a system that the working class desires."


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