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Protests in Bosnia around factory closures

Protests in Bosnia around factory closures


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| 2014 |

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07.02.2014 - In Bosnia, the protests have been growing since Wednesday the 5th. They started in Tuzla when dismissed workers, who did not receive their wages, decided to go to the streets. Many solidarity actions followed in four other cities, and today many protests are planned to take place in more than 10 cities. The movement, in which many young people and unemployed are taking part, is protesting against the bad economic situation, high unemployment, and corruption.

It is an important aspect of this movement that Bosnians, Croats and Serbs are fighting together and reject the nationalism that is often used by the government to create splits between people. It seems as well that there is no political party behind the movement.

We are showing here a mobilisation video from the Facebook group U.D.A.R, that formed spontaneously a few days ago because of the protests, and who is calling for an extension of the movement.

team: U.D.A.R BIH


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