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5th assembly of the citizens in Sarajevo

5th assembly of the citizens in Sarajevo

Bosnian with engl. subs.


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| 2014 |

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21. February 2014- Assemblies in Bosnia are still taking place several times a week, and in Sarajevo, they often gather more than 1000 people. They can be watched online on Sarajevo's assemblies YouTube Channel.

Here is a short abstract for which we did English and German subtitles.

During these assemblies, everybody can raise their hands and get 2 minutes to speak (one extra minute if the assembly agrees). In this abstract, we get to hear one participant who speaks of the need for assemblies even after the new parliament is elected. He also calls for more communication between the assemblies of the different cities and for changing the laws that limit the right to strike.

team: Assembly of the citizens of Sarajevo


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