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The General Strike in Italy on March 18, 2016

The General Strike in Italy on March 18, 2016

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On March 18, 2016, a general strike took place in Italy, organized by some grassroots unions. With the slogan ‘War Against War’, workers hit the streets in cities like Naples, Bologna, Milan, Florence, Parma and Turin. They protested against the wars, against cuts in social benefits, against the weakening of dismissal protection and against the so-called ‘Jobs Act’-- a bunch of laws that massively degrades the situation of employees in Italy.
Before the demonstration in the inner cities, there were a lot of strike pickets--e.g. in front of Maserati in Modena and as well in Senigallia, Pavia, Pordenone and Piacenza. Once again, the industrial logistics zone Interporto in Bologna – having only one route of access – was blocked. Also the general strike joined the bus drivers and employees of trains and metros who are organized in grassroots unions; thus, trains, busses and airplanes stayed idle in several cities. In solidarity with the strike, students occupied the political faculty of the University in Bologna. 
The video shows the S.I.Cobas spokesperson, Aldo Milani, who states clearly that the ongoing conflicts in the world are wars against the working class and announces a general strike in the meat industry in the area of Modena. 
The very same day, while staying at a summit of the European Union, Italian prime minister, Renzi, felt obliged to ridicule the general strike and to demand--in a rather convoluted manner--the prohibition of the labour unions that had organized the strike.


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