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Strike and self-organisation of truckers in Russia

Strike and self-organisation of truckers in Russia

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| 2016 |

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June 2016, interview with a supporter of the truck drivers' industrial action in Russia - After the introduction of the new “Platon” road toll, truck drivers who drive their own trucks feel that their livelihoods are under threat. Since November 11, 2015 they have continued with their protests. On 30 April, 2016, at a meeting of 300 delegates, the “Union of Transport Workers of Russia”(OPR) was formed.

“This experience, simply sitting together in a huge room, and to realise that we were many, was really inspiring. People told me afterwards, 'this is the happiest day of my life'.”

However, attacks on truck drivers are just one part of a generalised attack from above: “Over the past three years a lot of antisocial "reforms" have been brought in, neoliberalisation, Russian style, which is very closely linked to corruption. That is what truck drivers in Russia criticise. However this doesn't only affect truck drivers. It affects the healthcare system, schools, which must now operate according to new economic criteria. It affects hospitals, doctors are now trying to form a 'wild' union, which is fraught with many problems...also teachers.” (from the video)

The truck drivers appreciate any messages of solidarity. Please write to them here: solidarity_trucker (at)



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